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This new version is available in guest mode, with no obligation to create an account. Each player is automatically identified by the terminal they are using (his browser if he plays on the web, his tablet or his phone) and is assigned a temporary account as "Guest12345”.

But we strongly encourage you to create an account or log in with your old account (couple email/password) in order to retrieve your history (pseudo, credits, etc.). With an account, you will always be able to find your boat even if you change/lose the terminal you usually play with. Know more


minimal required configuration table

* We are aware that some of you do not have a configuration which allows to play and are sorry about this, but we cannot, given the disappearance of Flash, do otherwise. Please refer to our Help Center for more information.

** These configurations are given as examples, the reality is even more complex so your config may appear , - without actually being - compatible.

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Enter the next generation of virtual navigation with the Virtual Regatta Offshore mobile application.

Need to change course? In a nutshell, check the latest news about your boat, maneuver, change the sail, develop your strategy... Now you won't have to disembark from your boat anymore, you're taking it into your pocket!

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